SourceForge® Features & Benefits

SourceForge Enterprise Edition connects disparate, heterogeneous tools and systems together with an integrated toolset to provide a secure, centralized, enterprise-grade solution for optimizing distributed development. Its integration-ready architecture and easy-to-use, web-accessible tools help organizations accelerate and manage all phases of the development lifecycle.

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Central Repository: SourceForge provides organizations with a centralized repository for managing all project related activity and intellectual property (IP) assets. The repository is fully searchable and audit logs provide full traceability to ease regulatory compliance.

Interoperability: SourceForge features an integration-ready architecture that eases integration and interoperability with a wide range of enterprise systems and tools. It also includes pre-built integrations with popular project planning tools, software configuration management (SCM) systems and an SCM adapter that provides simplified interoperability with virtually any SCM tool.

Collaboration: SourceForge facilitates collaboration by providing a centralized repository accessible either via Web browser or from the Windows desktop to provide a common view into disparate tools and development activity to keep users on "the same page". Key collaboration aids include integrated document management, discussion forums and mailing lists.

Project Tools: SourceForge provides a wealth of capabilities to manage change, ease project management and improve efficiency. This section focuses on the SourceForge Tracker, Task Manager and File Release System.

Process & Controls: SourceForge provides fine-grained access controls, flexible process guidelines, workflow controls, plus automated monitoring, assignment and notification capabilities to automate manual processes and improve efficiency.

Global Development Dashboard: SourceForge provides a Global Development Dashboard™ featuring real-time views into project status and statistics together with full drill-down capability. At a glance, managers can see centralized status roll-ups across heterogeneous tools environments, providing superior visibility and control.

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