Differences Between® and SourceForge® Enterprise Edition

People frequently ask about the differences between the technology which powers the web site and the SourceForge Enterprise Edition product. After all, both systems empower distributed teams to collaborate, coordinate and accelerate development. However, there are fundamental and important differences between the two. These differences stem primarily from their intended use, architecture and feature set. Technology

  • technology was built to power a public web site for Open Source development with maximum transparency and speed
  • Built using common scripting languages (PHP, Python, Perl) together with many Open Source components
  • Underlying code was not designed for integration with enterprise systems and therefore does not feature an integration-ready architecture nor API
  • Code was not designed to provide secure access controls, encryption, and other security features

SourceForge Enterprise Edition Technology

  • SourceForge Enterprise Edition is an enterprise-grade solution that was designed for secure, robust operation behind a corporate firewall
  • Architected and built from the ground up for enterprise integration, extensibility, security and ease of use
  • Built on a J2EE platform that features a modular web services oriented architecture (SOA), open API and complementary SDK
  • Provides the extra features, security, reporting capabilities and ease-of-use required by a broad range of enterprise users
  • Since its inception in 2001, VA Software has invested over $16M in R&D into the SourceForge Enterprise Edition product line

Key Differences

The differences between technology and SourceForge Enterprise Edition stem from their intended use, architecture and feature set. This is manifested in four key areas:

Architecture and Integration Readiness was built to run power a public web site with maximum openness, transparency and speed. It is built using popular web scripting languages including PHP, Perl and Python and many Open Source tools and components. The underlying code was not designed for integration with enterprise systems, and therefore does not feature a modular design with an API, nor does it provide encryption for secure access capabilities.

By contrast, SourceForge Enterprise Edition was architected and built from the ground up for enterprise integration, extensibility, security and ease-of-use.

  • Platform-independent J2EE architecture
  • Modular Web services-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Fully documented and open SOAP XML web services API for straightforward, safe, robust integrations
  • Fully documented software development kit (SDK) with integration examples in numerous languages

This integration-readiness together with pre-built integrations with popular enterprise tools such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office XP, IBM Rational ClearCase and other tools, speed integration of SourceForge Enterprise Edition with existing IT infrastructure and enterprise systems.

Security was designed to be completely open and accessible by all.

SourceForge Enterprise Edition was designed to make it easy for companies to provide controlled access to enterprise IP assets.

  • Secure operation on site, behind a company firewall
  • Log in via secure SSL connection using 128-bit encryption
  • Role Based Access Controls allow authorized users to set secure, fine-grained permissions on what users can see, access and change at the system, project, tool and folder levels
  • Projects can be defined as Public, Private, or Gated Community
  • VA Software rigorously monitors CERT advisories for applicability to SourceForge Enterprise Edition for added measures of security

Ease-of-Use / User Interface

SourceForge Enterprise Edition features a more modern, intuitive and consistent user interface that allows a broad range of users to get things done in fewer clicks. By enabling non-technical users to access the power of SourceForge, product adoption and benefits are accelerated. See the screen shots in the Features & Benefits sections for examples of the SourceForge Enterprise Edition user interface.

Features / Tools

SourceForge Enterprise Edition provides many useful capabilities and tools not found in The key features and tools found only in SourceForge Enterprise Edition include:

  • Secure access and business controls with 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Global Development Dashboard
  • Extensive management and reporting features with data export in multiple formats for external reporting applications such as Excel, Crystal Reports and more
  • Integration with popular enterprise tools such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office XP, IBM Rational ClearCase and more
  • Greatly enhanced project management capabilities including full MS Project Synchronization, task dependencies, task hierarchies with "traffic light" rollup
  • Flexible associations mechanism lets users easily and directly relate requirements to releases, test cases to design documents, code to tracked bugs, forum discussions to virtually any issue, and more
  • Much more powerful Tracker with user-customizable Tracker fields, filtering, artifact associations, integration with SCM tools and more
  • Integrated document manager to ease collaboration, versioning and access to all project-related documents
  • Support for multiple SCM types within a single project
  • More powerful, pervasive, binary search capability can detect information embedded within over 180 document file types
  • Automated monitoring and notifications on virtually all activity/changes in SourceForge
  • Configurable workflows to enable more consistent processes
  • Project template features to ease set-up and administration of new projects
  • Professionaly-written product documentation available on-line and in hard-copy
  • Backed by an established, publicly-held company with dedicated support, training and professional services resources committed to your success

We invite you to learn more about the many features and benefits of SourceForge Enterprise Edition for commercial application and product development. Or if you would prefer to speak with a VA Software representative, contact us or complete the Request More Info form today.

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