Challenge: Visibility and Control

Developing applications and products with geographically-distributed teams has become the norm for larger IT and R&D organizations. Whether it is through mergers and acquisitions, organic business growth and/or the use of outsource partners and offshore teams, maintaining effective visibility and control of distributed development can be difficult. Key problems include:

"To reduce the risks and hidden costs of distributed development, companies should consider solutions that give them effective visibility and control of distributed engineering activity while improving communication, collaboration and reuse to drive greater development efficiency."

Joseph Feiman, VP and research director
Gartner Inc.

  • Geographic distance and organizational boundaries decrease management visibility and control, making it harder to keep projects, schedules and deliverables on track
  • Lack of a centralized system inhibits visibility into disparate tools and systems, making it harder to spot and manage issues quickly-if at all
  • Without adequate visibility into project activity, both managers and individual contributors are at risk of missing important news, issues, problems, changes as well as potential opportunities

SourceForge® Solution

SourceForge provides distributed organizations with a secure, centralized system that connects disparate tools with an integrated toolset to expand visibility and control regardless of location.

"The real ROI is actually at the management level with the built-in reporting tools that give you a crisp view of what's going on at the product level from a cross-functional team perspective."

Philippe Ciampossin, VP Engineering
PERSIST Technologies (acquired by HP)

  • Single, interactive, web-accessible resource for real-time information on distributed development projects
  • Consolidated, real-time project status views and statistics via the SourceForge Global Development Dashboard, with comprehensive drill-down capability
  • Expands visibility and control to virtually all project changes and details, keeping individuals, teams and entire projects on track

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