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Acxiom Chooses VA Software Solution to Bolster Open Source Initiative Driving Global Firm's Data Processing IT Environment

SourceForge Enterprise Edition delivers new open source collaboration capabilities for Acxiom developers

FREMONT, CA April 26, 2005 VA Software Corporation (NASDAQ: LNUX), a leading provider of software, information and community support for IT and development professionals, today announced that Acxiom® Corporation (NASDAQ: ACXM) has selected SourceForge® Enterprise Edition as its global development environment for increasing collaboration across Acxiom offices worldwide.

Acxiom has more than 1,100 associates using SourceForge Enterprise Edition for hundreds of projects across multiple locations, with an additional 10 to 20 users being added each week. SourceForge Enterprise Edition is part of Acxiom's corporate Open Source Initiative, a company-wide effort to increase efficiency and productivity by leveraging open source methods and techniques across the organization.

Acxiom integrates data, services and technology to create and deliver customer and information management solutions for large enterprises. The company is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, with locations throughout the U.S., as well as in Europe, Australia, China and Japan.

A pioneer in the sophisticated use of open source software and methodologies, Acxiom boasts one of the world's largest commercial Linux-based Grid environments with more than 6,000 systems under management. The power and reliability of Acxiom's IT environment has allowed the information service industry leader to set new standards in data processing service levels for its global clients.

"Acxiom has proven that by leveraging open source software and development methodologies we can build and manage a distributed IT infrastructure production environment that meets the highest demands of our customers," said Acxiom Group Leader Chris Bennett. "SourceForge Enterprise Edition helps us connect people, digital assets and processes on a global scale."

With the addition of SourceForge Enterprise Edition, Acxiom can connect disparate, heterogeneous tools and processes together with a fully-integrated set of project management, change management, and collaboration capabilities. SourceForge Enterprise Edition provides a consolidated development environment that closes tools gaps, links and automates processes, and enables more efficient use of existing IT and development resources.

Prior to deploying SourceForge Enterprise Edition, Acxiom relied on an older version of SourceForge technology. The new capabilities introduced by SourceForge Enterprise Edition include a more powerful document manager, better search capabilities, additional project management and reporting features, plus an open API to integrate smoothly with popular applications such as Microsoft® Office.

"The transition to the SourceForge Enterprise Edition was fast and painless," Bennett said. "We are already seeing improvements in information access and reuse across the company. As more users get on the system, we expect further benefits from enhanced, enterprise-wide collaboration."

"We are pleased to help Acxiom manage the unique issues of distributed development for an open environment," said Ali Jenab, president and CEO, VA Software. "The development process is the cornerstone of the open source movement, and we believe that collaborative tools such as SourceForge Enterprise Edition will continue to drive greater operational efficiencies for enterprise IT shops."

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