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SourceForge System Basics

  • SourceForge® Enterprise Edition is a 100% web-based application built on a J2EE platform
  • It runs on an application server (JBoss, WebLogic, or WebSphere®) and an underlying database (Oracle®, DB2®, or PostgreSQL)
  • For optimum security and control, SourceForge is typically installed behind a company's firewall on a dedicated server running either Linux or Solaris®
  • SourceForge connects heterogeneous tools, systems and IP repositories together with a proven, integrated toolset, providing a centralized repository and dynamic workspace that can be accessed by any authorized user with a standards-compliant browser
  • SourceForge features an integration-ready architecture that facilitates integration with complex enterprise environments, easing deployment and adoption

A key concept in SourceForge is the notion of "projects". SourceForge allows users (with the appropriate permissions) to create project workspaces: feature-rich, on-line project environments that can be populated with selected team members, access controls, tools, IP, artifacts, documents, workflow rules and more. Project founders and/or administrators set permissions on what projects, information and tools can be accessed by whom using straightforward role-based access controls. To ease new project set-up, users can also select and reuse a project structure template that was defined for a previous project. At that point, SourceForge is ready to help people work.

Who Uses SourceForge?

SourceForge Enterprise Edition is used by many different types of users in various roles: Developers, QA personnel, project and program managers, business analysts, product managers, technical publications staff, field personnel, tech support, help desk personnel, contractors and outsource service providers, partners, even customers, as well as senior managers and executives who want real-time, detailed information about IT projects, resources and issues. SourceForge provides organizations with an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use solution that helps a wide variety of people get work done in a more efficient and transparent fashion.

Organizations typically need to maintain legacy applications as well as develop new applications and products across a wide range of systems and technologies. Most organizations also have geographically-distributed development teams and partners, requiring infrastructural support for development both inside and outside their firewall. SourceForge technology is open and adaptable to the challenges of modern enterprise environments in several important ways:

  • SourceForge can be used with any programming language (Java, C/C++, C#, Perl, Cobol, etc.) and for development for any target application platform (J2EE, .NET, Windows®, IBM®, WebSphere, BEA®, WebLogic, Linux, etc.)
  • SourceForge can be accessed with any standards-compliant web-browser, so users can access it from virtually any type of client machine regardless of location (provided they have an internet connection, log-in and password info, and the appropriate permissions)
  • SourceForge features an integration-ready architecture. It is built on a platform-independent J2EE architecture and also features a web services-oriented architecture (SOA). Together with a comprehensive SOAP web services API and complementary software development kit (SDK), SourceForge is uniquely well-suited for integration and extensibility within complex distributed enterprise environments

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