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Project Tools

SourceForge® provides easy-to-use, web-accessible tools and capabilities that can be used to manage/track tasks, issues, changes and releases throughout the development lifecycle. In this section, you can learn more about the following SourceForge project tools:


SourceForge includes an integrated, easy-to-use, configurable issue Tracker. The SourceForge Tracker can be used for automated capture, management and reporting on defects/bugs, requirements, change requests, incidents, support requests and more.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Flexibility: user-configurable fields to meet diverse enterprise requirements
  • Web-accessibility: makes it easy for both in-house and remote users to submit issues, check status and update tracked items
  • Provides a single location for various teams to manage issues throughout the development lifecycle
  • Speeds issue comprehension and resolution by allowing users to associate information (files, documents, communications and more) with tracked issues
  • Automated monitoring and email notifications keep stakeholders informed of changes to key issues
  • Reduces the hidden costs and errors associated with manual management and reporting of issues
  • Automatically captures and logs all changes to tracked items for complete history traceability
  • Configurable auto-assignment of incoming issues
  • Integration with Software Configuration Management (SCM) systems enables code changes or commits to automatically update one or more Tracker items
  • Integration-ready architecture facilitates integration with external tools such as CRM systems, in-house developed trackers and more

Task Manager

SourceForge includes an integrated Task Manager, enabling users to easily manage all project tasks from within a single interface. Project tasks can be created and managed within SourceForge. They can also be imported/exported and synchronized with task data with Microsoft Project. The SourceForge Task Manager improves task visibility, clarity and ownership, improving project management while reducing reporting overhead.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easily manage all project tasks from within a single interface
  • Displays real-time task status and history, making it easier to keep tasks, deliverables and schedules on track
  • Provides personalized task "to-do" lists for individuals, and consolidated views for managers
  • Reduces inefficiencies and rework associated with manual assignment, tracking and reporting of tasks
  • Import/export easily synchronize data between SourceForge and Microsoft Project, making it easy to keep Microsoft Project plans current and relevant (click here for more details)
  • Automatically captures all changes to task status, providing a full traceable history
  • Automated monitoring and email notifications keep stakeholders informed of task status changes
  • Integration-ready architecture facilitates integration with external tools and reporting systems

File Release System

SourceForge provides an integrated File Release System for improved management of file releases throughout the development lifecycle. The SourceForge File Release System provides a centralized location for posting and managing complete file release "packages". These packages are more useful than the release images found in the typical SCM system since they can also include documents, notes and links to related items.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Enables release managers and/or project administrators to easily publish and control distribution of approved file releases
  • Integration-ready architecture facilitates integration with existing build tools for automated creation of release packages
  • Makes it easier to synchronize teams on the right release, reducing costly rework and guesswork
  • Fine-grained access controls limit release access exclusively to users with appropriate permissions
  • Makes it easy to see what issues have been raised against, and which issues have been fixed, in each release

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