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Process and Controls

SourceForge® Enterprise Edition features fine-grained, secure access controls, flexible best practices guidelines and configurable process/workflow controls. It also features automated monitoring, assignment and notification features. Together, these capabilities improve access management to projects and IP asset repositories, close process gaps, automate manual processes, and ease regulatory compliance.

Role-Based Access Controls

SourceForge helps protect enterprise assets via secure, role-based access controls and operation behind a corporate firewall. SourceForge access controls allow authorized team members to set secure, fine-grained permissions on what users can see, access and change at the site, project, tool and folder-levels.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Secure, behind-the-firewall operation and fine-grained access controls protect enterprise IP assets
  • Users log in via secure connection using 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Flexible project access definitions including Public, Private or Gated Community
  • Public projects allow access by any user
  • Private projects can be accessed only by project members
  • Gated communities can be accessed by project members and other select users, such as contractors, outsource service providers, and/or customers
  • Limit designated roles to read-only access on a site, project, tool or folder basis
  • Audit logs enable monitoring and full traceability of who changed what and when for improved governance of enterprise assets
  • Full traceability of documents, change histories and electronic communications eases compliance with stringent government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley

Configurable Workflows

SourceForge enables uses to configure workflows for improved efficiency, accuracy and repeatability. These include workflows around issue management, document reviews and approvals, and code check-ins.

Key Features & Benefits

  • SourceForge is "lightweight" and highly adaptable to various process styles and maturity levels
  • Supports (and improves) ad hoc processes, waterfall methodologies, CMM levels 2 and 3, as well as more agile collaborative development processes
  • Automates manual processes to streamline development while enabling improved accuracy, consistency and repeatability
  • Favors process and best practices enablement rather than enforcement, a key feature for easing and accelerating adoption

SourceForge Collaborative Development Process

The SourceForge Collaborative Development Process (SourceForge CDP) is a set of practical best-practices guidelines to help organizations fill process gaps and improve process maturity throughout the development lifecycle. Designed to leverage the benefits of the SourceForge Global Development Platform, the SourceForge CDP provides organizations with clear, practical, flexible guidelines and resources to close process gaps, improve process maturity and better align lifecycle operations.

The SourceForge CDP is a comprehensive, end-to-end lifecycle model suitable for organizations beginning a development process initiative from the ground up. It also allows organizations with more established processes to leverage best practices that are supplemental. And for organizations seeking to improve process maturity in order to achieve higher CMM certifications, SourceForge and the SourceForge CDP fully supports all of the goals associated with achieving CMM levels 2 and 3.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Provides flexible, practical process guidelines and resources for implementing more mature and complete processes throughout the development lifecycle
  • Best practices can be fully or selectively implemented
  • Improves workflow coordination, reducing guesswork and rework
  • Useful for organizations with processes that already work, but still have gaps to close, by providing a framework to assess, identify and address specific areas requiring improvement
  • Clarifies lifecycle processes for cross-functional teams
  • Facilitates implementation and certifcation to higher CMM maturity levels
    • Fully supports all of the goals associated with achieving CMM levels 2 and 3
    • Reduces the amount of time and internal resourceas well as dependency on consultantthat is usually associated with achieving a higher CMM rating
    • Supplemental guide provides detailed mappings of CMM Key Process Areas (KPAs) to best practices using SourceForge and the SourceForge CDP to fulfill each key CMM practice
  • All SourceForge CDP manuals, templates, worksheets, checklists, sample policies and procedures can be accessed from within the SourceForge application

Automated Monitoring and Notifications

SourceForge provides automated monitoring and notification features to keep managers, developers and other key stakeholders up-to-date with status changes as they occur. These include changes in issue and task status, new postings to discussion forums, code check-ins and other activity. Adding an item to a monitored items list is usually as simple as clicking on the monitor button.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Automated notifications inform team members and stakeholders of changes as they occur, improving efficiency, communication and coordination
  • Reduces the amount of time spent checking into issues status, progress and who changed what, when, and why
  • Items to be monitored are individually user-selectable, and can also include higher-order groups such as task groups, document folders, trackers and tools
  • Automation reduces time-consuming manual processes and provides earlier notification of potential problem areas
  • Automated email notifications can include links to the monitored item for instant access to more detailed information

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