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SourceForge® Enterprise Edition supports integration and interoperability with enterprise systems and tools in two fundamental ways:

  • First, SourceForge features an integration-ready architecture and open API that make it uniquely well-suited for integration, extensibility and use within complex enterprise environments
  • Second, SourceForge provides pre-built interoperability with commonly used project planning and management tools, office productivity applications, software configuration management (SCM) systems, plus integrated development environments (IDEs) and other tools

Integration-Ready Architecture

SourceForge was explicitly designed and built for enterprise integration, extensibility, security and ease-of-use. SourceForge is built on a platform-independent J2EE architecture and also features a web services-oriented architecture (SOA). Together with a comprehensive SOAP XML web services API and complementary software development kit (SDK), SourceForge can be integrated with external technologies in a straightforward and non-disruptive fashion, easing enterprise integration and adoption.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Architected and built specifically for enterprise integration, extensibility, security and ease-of-use
  • Protects and extends investments in current tools and training
  • An open and comprehensive SOAP web services API enables straightforward, robust and safe integrations by customers, partners and/or VA Software Professional Services
  • Includes a complementary software development kit (SDK) with integration examples in numerous programming languages
  • Also supports direct integrations via Java RMI

Pre-Built Interoperability

SourceForge provides pre-built integration and interoperability with commonly used tools for project planning, management and development. This connects existing, disparate tools into a more coherent and manageable development platform for optimizing distributed development.

Supported tools include:

Microsoft Project Support

Microsoft Project Support To ease project planning and management for Microsoft Project users, SourceForge provides real-time task synchronization between Project and SourceForge Task Manager. This allows organizations to unite the project planning strengths of Microsoft Project with the convenience of real-time task status updates from users as they routinely interact with SourceForge.

  • Task status changes noted by staff in SourceForge are synchronized with Microsoft Project, keeping Microsoft Project plans current and relevant while reducing the overhead associated with status checks and reporting
  • Make changes to task data from either application
  • Quickly maps tasks defined in Microsoft Project to existing project resources

Microsoft Office XP Support

Microsoft Excel Support

  • Microsoft Office XP documents (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) can be saved directly to, and opened from, SourceForge, eliminating the need to save and then manually load documents
  • Saves time and improves usability of the integrated SourceForge Document Manager

Software Configuration Management (SCM) Support

SourceForge features pre-built interoperability with popular SCM tools, as well as an adpapter that enables simplified interoperability with virtually any SCM tool. This provides developers and other users with a virtual centralized repository and browser-based views into disparate, heterogeneous SCM repositories. This not only improves IP access and management, it enables organizations to improve development efficiency and software asset reuse without having to standardize on a single SCM across the enteprise.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Out-of-box support for Concurrent Versions Systems (CVS), Subversion and Perforce
  • Supports access to multiple SCM repositories of different types within a single project
  • Enhances IP protection with secure, fine-grained access controls to permit or restrict access to specific SCM project repositories
  • Eases SCM administration by providing a single point of control
  • Automates repository creation, user administration and enabling web-based access directly into SCM repositories
  • Improves code and change comprehension with color-highlighted "diffs" between selected versions

Interoperability with IDEs

SourceForge provides pre-built interoperability with Eclipse-based integrated development environments (IDEs) such as IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD).

Key Features & Benefits

  • One-click access to SourceForge project tools and collaboration features from within the WSAD IDE
  • Provides WSAD users with user-definable views of SourceForge data such as SourceForge-assigned tasks and Tracker items
  • Edit/update tasks and Tracker items directly from within WSAD
  • Instantly browse the contents of SourceForge-hosted projects and applications with an integrated SourceForge navigator window
  • Instantly access project status and statistics

ProtexIP from Black Duck Software

The combination of SourceForge and the protexIP software compliance management software system provides enterprises with greater visibility and control over the consumption of software licenses, as well as the ability to support effective reuse of internal or open source assets.
Click here for more information on this integration

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