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Global Development Dashboard

SourceForge® provides managers and executives with real-time visibility into the status of projects and distributed development activity with its unique Global Development Dashboard. The Global Development Dashboard provides real-time, color-coded project status indicators and statistics together with full drill-down capability for expanded visibility and insight into the status of projects, resources, tasks, issues and more.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Provides managers with centralized, real-time status rollups and color-coded indicators of projects and related issues regardless of location
  • Comprehensive, interactive drill-down capability enables users to get the details they want
  • Improves management visibility and control
  • Project information is automatically rolled-up into the dashboard and other reporting features so no extra effort is required to create this visibility
    • Frees teams to spend less time tracking down and reporting on status and more time doing productive work
  • Automatically rolls up information across heterogeneous tools, avoiding the disruption and expense of trying to standardize on a single vendor's tool suite across the enterprise to realize dashboard benefits
  • Open API based on SOAP XML web services enables underlying data to be loaded into other management applications such as project portfolio management tools or in-house developed dashboards


In addition to the Global Development Dashboard, SourceForge provides real-time, detailed reporting on an application-wide, project-level or tools-level basis. These reports provide managers and other key stakeholders with improved visibility into development activity levels, trends and issues.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Improves management of distributed development activity
  • Provides real-time reporting and activity metrics across all, or selected, projects and tools
  • Provides metrics for organizational baseline measurements and progress reporting, helping to identify and quantify trends, as well as quantify results of process improvement initiatives
  • Data can be exported via CSV, XML, or tab-delimited file formats for use with external reporting applications such as Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports and more

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