SourceForge® Enterprise Edition is a secure, centralized, enterprise-grade solution for optimizing distributed development. Whether teams are distributed across the street, the country or around the world, SourceForge provides an easy-to-use, web-accessible solution that:

Integrates Disparate Tools and Processes

SourceForge is a collaborative development environment that connects disparate, heterogeneous tools and processes together with a fully integrated set of project management, change management, and collaboration capabilities. Out-of-the-box integrations with leading software configuration management (SCM) tools connect stand-alone tools into a centralized manageable development platform.

By integrating existing tools with a centralized repository and an easy-to-use toolset, SourceForge provides a consolidated development environment that closes tools gaps, links and automates processes, and enables more efficient use of existing resources. Read more about SourceForge Enterprise and tool integrations.

"Like many other organizations, VeriSign seeks to promote better collaboration between development teams in an effort to increase efficiency and streamline costs. The SourceForge 4.1 J2EE platform's improved integration features and enhanced user interface will help us achieve these goals by providing our teams with better visibility into their projects, allowing them to stay on schedule and budget."

Matthew Shilts, VP, product engineering
VeriSign Security Services

Expands Visibility and Control

SourceForge flexibly connects tools and processes with a collaborative development environment to foster better coordination, eliminate information silos and provide the visibility into project assets that your extended teams need. For managers and extended team members, SourceForge expands visibility and control by providing a software project management system for real-time project information, activities and artifacts. This also eases compliance with regulatory requirements and process standards with automated data capture and audit logs for complete auditability and traceability.

Centralize and Manage Development Assets

Change is an inevitable part of any development project, but the ability to effectively manage this change, across teams and geographies, is what makes projects successful. Unlike loosely integrated development tool suites, SourceForge provides Web-based access to asset and activity management tools backed by a centralized repository, so that you improve collaboration, break down information silos, and deliver solutions to customers faster via better information management and asset reuse.

" has been instrumental in accelerating some of the largest, geographically-distributed development projects in the Open Source community. By selecting SourceForge Enterprise Edition, customers who have expressed an interest in geographically distributing their development teams can expect to increase productivity, enhance teamwork, and accelerate software projects for their developer communities worldwide, with the security and management visibility they require"

Scott Handy, vice president,
worldwide Linux strategy for IBM

Empowers Collaboration and Innovation

Inspired by the collaborative practices of the global Open Source community of, SourceForge Enterprise Edition provides a powerful enterprise-strength platform for collaborative development. Only SourceForge integrates the tools of collaboration with the tools for managing development activities, enabling associations between team communications and related documents, digital assets, issues, and activities. With this unified approach, teams reduce miscommunication, improve accuracy, and speed critical project decisions.

Solving Real World Challenges

SourceForge Enterprise Edition features an integration-ready architecture that was explicitly designed and built for enterprise integration, extensibility, security and ease-of-use. Today, SourceForge is optimizing distributed development for numerous Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies. For a partial list of SourceForge customers, click here.

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