Challenge: Outsourcing

Outsourcing IT and R&D work has become a widespread business strategy for controlling costs, accessing specialized skills, and/or freeing up resources to accelerate other projects. But outsourcing development and maintenance work carries risks that can jeopardize and delay expected benefits-or worse. The challenges normally faced by distributed teams are often compounded outsourcing, where even larger geographic, time-zone and operational process issues can further impede visibility and control, collaboration and development efficiency. Key challenges include:

"Managers should be vigorously pursuing improved governance of offshore or outsourced operations, with the kind of security, visibility and control they would expect if all the work were being performed at headquarters."

Theresa Lanowitz, Research Dirctor
Gartner, Inc.

  • Lack of internal project management skills coupled with poor visibility and control make it difficult to keep projects, costs and quality on track
  • Disparate tools, systems and processes create operational gaps that slow development and lead to higher direct and indirect costs
  • Communication, collaboration and coordination deficiencies between distributed teams lessen productivity and agility
  • Difficulties in managing and protecting intellectual property (IP) assets, particularly when it needs to be accessed by teams outside your firewall

SourceForge® Solution

SourceForge reduces the risks of outsourcing by providing a secure, centralized repository and development platform that expands management visibility and control, connects and streamlines processes, and boosts distributed team collaboration and efficiency.

  • Increases visibility, control and development efficiency by centralizing project information and IP in a single, secure, searchable repository
  • Boosts communication, collaboration and coordination by providing distributed teams with a common, web-based "workspace"
  • Improves IP protection and governance with secure access controls and full project traceability, key elements for maintaining compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Speeds alignment of internal operations with outsource teams for faster project ramp-up times and time-to-productivity

For more information on SourceForge for outsourcing, click here to read how SourceForge minimizes the top 10 risks of offshore outsourcing.

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