Challenge: Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions create a wide array of challenges (and opportunities) for IT and R&D organizations. By definition, M&A activity means change. And one of the biggest changes and challenges is in getting widely distributed teams to work together, despite differing organizational cultures, processes and tools. Key challenges include:

  • Geographic and organizational barriers hinder trust and collaboration
  • Infrastructural issues such as disparate, heterogeneous tools and systems make it difficult to connect teams, processes and technology
  • Companies frequently enter into M&A activity without a centralized development platform for managing their own work, making integration and collaboration with new teams more time-consuming and expensive
  • Avoiding duplicative (and expensive) development efforts due to lack of a centralized and searchable intellectual property (IP) asset management system

SourceForge® Solution

SourceForge solves critical distributed development issues before, during and after mergers and acquisitions.

  • Provides organizations with a secure, centralized system to quickly connect disparate tools, processes and IP repositories into a consolidated development platform for optimizing distributed development
  • Provides a common view and pervasive search capability into disparate IP repositories, facilitating enterprise-wide IP asset inventories to reduce duplicative efforts and uncover reuse opportunities
  • Speeds productivity by boosting intra-team and inter-team communication, collaboration and coordination
  • Integration-ready, web services oriented architecture (SOA) and open API eases integration and adoption

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