Challenge: IP Asset Reuse and Management

Effectively managing and reusing intellectual property (IP) assets is critical for shortening development cycles, reducing costs, protecting IP and for maintaining a competitive edge.

"To reduce the risks and hidden costs of distributed development, companies should consider solutions that give them effective visibility and control of distributed engineering activity while improving communication, collaboration and reuse to drive greater development efficiency."

Joseph Feiman, VP and research director
Gartner, Inc

Enterprise IP assets are most commonly thought of as software code, but IP assets also include documents, project information, as well as ideas and information captured in emails, discussion forums, etc.

The benefits of IP asset reuse are well known. For instance, software asset reuse has been shown to reduce development times by as much 80%. Plus, the potential benefits of web services is based largely on the practice of effective software component reuse.

Key challenges include:

  • Most organizations have IP assets scattered and "silo'd" in disparate, heterogeneous systems, making it difficult for distributed teams to find, access, manage and reuse assets in an efficient way
  • Impracticality, disruption and expense associated with trying to standardize on a single vendor's software configuration management (SCM) system across the enterprise
  • No centrally-managed system for controlling and monitoring IP access
  • Dedicated asset management repositories burden overworked team members with extra steps to populate and use, contributing to reuse initiative failures

SourceForge® Solution

SourceForge provides a secure, centralized, searchable IP asset repository, enabling teams to easily find and share IP assets from disparate tools across the enterprise.

  • Quickly connects disparate, heterogeneous tools to provide a centralized and fully searchable repository with a common, browser-based view into IP assets
  • Improves IP security while facilitating IP asset discovery, management and reuse
  • Integrates with existing tools, helping companies avoid the disruption and expense associated with standardization efforts around a single vendor's SCM system
  • Requires no extra effort to populate with IP assets since they are automatically captured and indexed as users routinely interact with SourceForge

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