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Software is vital to your business. But producing quality software in the face of rapidly changing business conditions and stretched IT and R&D budgets is a difficult challenge. For distributed development organizations it can be even more difficult as numerous project management, worfklow coordination and productivity issues make it even harder to keep projects, costs and deliverables on track. Key challenges include:

  • Poor visibility and control of projects, changes and issues
  • Geographic and time-zone barriers that inhibit communication, collaboration and coordination
  • Operational inefficiencies stemming from disparate tools and processes, leading to slowed development as well as higher direct and indirect costs
  • Difficulties in effectively reusing software assets

To overcome these challenges, an increasing number of Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies are turning to the proven capabilities of SourceForge® Enterprise Edition. We invite you to learn more by clicking on the challenge/solution areas below.

Development Efficiency: Today's highly competitive business environment now places intense demands on IT and R&D managers to deliver higher quality software in less time. But accomplishing this in the context of rapidly changing business goals, mergers & acquisitions, stringent new regulatory requirements, and the growing use of geographically-distributed teams presents challenges. A few of these resulting challenges include disparate, disconnected tool and process environments; lack of visibility into progress or assets; and lack of communication or coordination.

SourceForge helps organizations overcome these obstacles to development efficiency by improving visibility and control and enabling collaborative development.

  • Visibility: Improved visibility and control for IT leaders into expectations from others and providing adequate visibility into IT for business leaders to understand the value being delivered. Visibility is also a requirement for government regulatory compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, etc.)
  • Collaborative software development: The rapid pace of development and innovation in the Open Source community has proven that collaborative methods and enabling technologies can overcome many distributed development barriers and deliver high quality applications.

Read more about development efficiency in this new whitepaper,
The Road to Development Efficiency.

IP Asset Reuse: Intellectual property (IP) assets are critical to your business, so managing them more effectively enables you to better meet development and business objectives. SourceForge provides a secure, centralized, searchable repository for managing and reusing IP assets across teams or organizations.

Outsourcing: Sending work outside the building and/or offshore carries risks that can jeopardize expected benefits - or worse. At minimum, managing tasks and deadlines, and communicating effectively are challenges found in most virtual team environments, and which are exacerbated when organizational boundaries are involved. SourceForge reduces the risks of outsourcing by providing a secure, centralized system that helps you control IP access, improve communication and collaboration, and provide real-time visibility and control to keep outsourced work on track.

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