Challenge: Process Efficiency

Improving process efficiency is essential for making the most of your available resources, reducing costs and accelerating development. It is even more critical for larger, distributed organizations because disconnected ad hoc processes and disparate tools create gaps which are often filled with manual, error-prone and inconsistent processes. These gaps create operational inefficiencies that directly contribute to higher costs, increased risk and project delays. Key challenges include:

"Bottom line: Organizations should target lifecycle process change for highest pain points and adopt automated tools to improve efficiency and cut costs."

META Group

  • Geographic separation combined with the lack of a centralized system to coordinate and manage development contributes to mistimed project hand-offs, redundant efforts and unclear and unmet expectations
  • Disconnected tools and processes create operational gaps and inefficiencies, resulting in longer development cycles and higher costs
  • Inadequate communication, collaboration and coordination make it harder to get the right expertise on the right problems at the right time

SourceForge® Solution

SourceForge closes process gaps, increases collaboration and shortens development cycles by connecting disparate processes and tools with a centralized, web-accessible Global Development Platform™.

"Like many other organizations, VeriSign seeks to promote better collaboration between development teams in an effort to increase efficency and streamline costs. The SourceForge 4.1 J2EE platform's improved integration features and enhanced user interface will help us achieve those goals by providing our teams with better visibility into their projects, allowing them to stay on schedule and budget."

Matthew Shilts, VP, product engineering
VeriSign Security Services

  • Automates manual processes and closes gaps between disparate processes and tools
  • Provides a secure, centralized system on which to exercise, manage and refine processes throughout the development lifecycle
  • Integrates with existing tools, preserving investments in technology and training
  • Provides a proven foundation for process maturity initiatives such as CMM

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