VA Software training leads the industry in bringing innovative methods of software development to the enterprise. Our training professionals can help you accelerate development and improve overall software quality within your distributed development teams by applying the technologies and methodologies based on the lessons learned from the Open Source community.

Who Should be Trained on SourceForge Enterprise Edition?

  • Managers (business line managers, business analyst, program and project managers) can learn how to take advantage of the enhanced visibility and control of software projects, streamline and manage workflows and improve their ability to keep development on track
  • Developers (software developers, application engineers, QA teams, testers, build and release managers) can learn how to accelerate their efforts through improved team communication, collaboration , coordination adn reuse by leveraging SourceForge as a centralized resource
  • Other project stakeholders (architects, test managers, launch teams, partners, outsource service organizations) can learn how to accelerate their efforts and imprvoe visiblity into relevant projects, issues an resources

SourceForge Enterprise Edition Courses

Introduction to SourceForge Enterprise Edition (8 hrs)

  • For non-technical contributors to the most advanced technical users, this course will teach users how to effectively utilize all areas of the SourceForge application

SourceForge Best Practices Advanced Course (8 hrs)

  • Best practices strategies that will enable all users to improve the efficiency and repeatability of processes that span the application development lifecycle from product definition through sustaining engineering. Strengthen project collaboration, project management, and SourceForge advanced features

Introduction to Source Code Management using Open Source Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) (4 hrs)

  • For developers requiring education of formal source code control standards, this course defines the fundamentals of Source Code Management, installation and configuration of CVS clients, code check-in and check-out operations, branching, merging, tagging code, and creating associations between CVS code and SourceForge artifacts

Customized Curriculum Designed for Your Workforce

VA Software can tailor courses to match your particular organizational needs. VA Software professional trainers can peform a skills assessment and consultation to develop the optimal training curriculum to match your particular organizational and business needs. Customize training ranges from 2-5 days of instruction.

Delivery Methods

SourceForge(R) Enterprise Edition training solutions includes a full menu of training classes, curriculum available through various delivery options. Instructor-led (ILT) on-site and off-site training as well as online web-based training (WBT) and customized training provided by VA Software will ensure your development team teams have an immediate working knowledge of SourceForge technology.

To have a representative from VA Software contact you, please complete our inquiry form or phone us today toll-free at 1-877-825-4689 (or 1-510-687-7000).

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