VA Software is committed to helping you get the most from your software development investments. When an issue is raised to our Customer Support team, the initial severity and priority levels are based on the impact the issue has on your business. Our dedicated in-house support group and field team then work to resolve issues quickly and professionally. In many cases, problems are solved within hours.

Customers Evaluating SourceForge® Enterprise Edition

VA Software offers a dedicated Systems Engineer to assist customers during their SourceForge Enterprise Edition evaluation period to assist with installation and setup, user group training, and technical issues.

Software Maintenance

VA Software offers annual Software Maintenance which includes Standard Support and Software Updates. Software updates ensures you get the latest versions of all patches, revisions and modifications, and documentation of SourceForge Enterprise Edition for the duration of the agreement.

Standard Support

Standard Support includes 8x5 help desk support, 7a-4p (Pacific Time). Leverage our technical engineers expertise for help on problem reporting and remote assistance, assistance in identifying and fixing documented and reproducable failures on current releases and some previously released versions of SourceForge Enterprise Edition.

Customer Support can be accessed via phone, e-mail, and the web.

  • In the US at 1-877-825-4689 (option #2)
  • Outside the US at 1-510-687-7000 (option #2)
  • Visit The SourceForge Customer Support Zone
  • Access to SourceForge Knowledgebase

24x7 Support

In addition to our standard support, we can also provide 24x7 extended hours coverage for mission-critical issues.

SourceForge Knowledgebase

SourceForge Enterprise Edition customers can access an interactive online knowledgebase that is maintained to provide answers to commonly asked questions as well as specific "how-to" procedures for common issues. And if you want to boost development efficiency even further, VA Software offers interactive product training and professional services for consulting and for customizing SourceForge to meet your unique requirements.

Contact your sales representative or support contact for more information.

SourceForge Downloads and CERT Advisories

The SourceForge Customer Support Zone provides a centralized resource for SourceForge Enterprise Edition service pack downloads and CERT Advisories.

Documentation to Guide Your Administrators and Users

SourceForge includes printed and web-based documentation to help your administrators, first-time users and advanced users.

  • Users Guide
  • Installation Guide for JBoss® Application Server
  • Installation Guide for BEA® WebLogic® Application Server
  • SourceForge Collaborative Development Process
  • SourceForge and the Capability Maturity Model® for Software: A Supplement to the SourceForge Collaborative Development Process
  • SourceForge Developer Guide
  • SourceForge Training Guide: CVS
  • SourceForge Training Guide: SourceForge Enterprise Edition

SourceForge Software Developer's Kit (SDK)

SourceForge Enterprise Edition is designed with integration and extensibility in mind. It is built on a platform-independent Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) architecture and also features a Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) that includes an open API. This enables SourceForge to be deployed within large enterprises, making it easier to integrate with a wide range of third-party applications, authentication systems, databases, software configuration management (SCM) systems, and in-house tools.

A SOAP proxy server is available to software developers to access the SourceForge APIs for the development of integration code. And the SourceForge Enterprise Edition complementary Java software development kit (SDK) provides developers with detailed instructions on working with the SourceForge APIs through the SOAP interface, and includes API and services definitions, web services description language (WSDL) definitions, and annotated code examples.

Tapestry for SourceForge Enterprise Edition Customers and Partners

Tapestry, powered by SourceForge Enterprise Edition, is a secure portal for use by SourceForge Enterprise Edition customers and partners. It enables customers and partners to view, learn about, and benefit from the innovations and integrations other users have made with SourceForge Enterprise Edition. By leveraging the work of other users, customers can minimize the cost and time spent on integration between SourceForge Enterprise Edition and other tools, such as Software Configuration Management (SCM), project management or customer support applications, greatly reducing the time to adoption. Similarly, partners can use Tapestry to deliver integration projects on behalf of clients more quickly and easily.

To learn how to access Tapestry, contact your SouceForge Enterprise Edition sales representative today or submit your request to be contacted here.

Customer Advisory Council

We invite you to inquire about participating in the VA Software Customer Advisory Council, made up of companies such as Pfizer, General Atomics, and other industry leaders. During this annual event, SourcForge customer collaborate on innovative development practices to help each other optimize distributed development within the enterprise.

Contact your sales representative to see how you can qualify to participate. Support

For support, please go here.

If your IP is blocked, please email .

To have a representative from VA Software contact you, please complete our inquiry form or phone us today toll-free at 1-877-825-4689 (or 1-510-687-7000).

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