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It's raining code! (Hallelujah?)
As open-source development options proliferate, CIOs are finding ways to make it work for their organizations. There's no guarantee that the developers wrote it with the care your enterprise requires. To at least partially address this concern, VA Software offers SourceForge Enterprise Edition (SFEE), which helps developers create shared code environments among known collaborators, and the Tapestry portal, which lets Enterprise Edition users access information about other SFEE projects. Plus there's the "where did this code really come from" legal question. Mar 2, 2005

Open source deserves second look
One legitimate remaining challenge is finding an open source product that meets your enterprise needs and one that will integrate into your unique environment. But there is help on the way. Tools like VA Software's SourceForge Enterprise Edition can help developers create shared code environments among collaborators. Simply, the long heralded reasons for not going open source aren't as valid as they once were, and the technology is worthy of another good look. Mar 2, 2005

It's raining code! (Hallelujah?)
The next time you have a project in need of a software solution, try an experiment. Go to open-source collaboration site SourceForge and spend five minutes running a search. The odds are good that you'll find an open-source project related to your problem. Free. No sales calls. No negotiations with vendors. Mar 2, 2005

As open-source development options proliferate, CIOs are finding ways to make it work for their organizations.
SourceForge Enterprise Edition and the Tapestry portal helps to better manage code among known collaborators for the enterprise customer, according to CIO online magazine. March 01, 2005

CMP Media's Software Development Magazine Announces Finalists for the 15th Annual Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Awards
SourceForge Enterprise Edition has been named as a finalist for Software Development Magazine's 15th Annual Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Award. This award is presented to products that have “jolted” the industry with their significance and made the task of creating software faster, easier and more efficient. January 18, 2005.

Open-source Practices Moving into Enterprise Development
Enterprises are adopting more than just Open Source technologies like Linux or Apache. Open Source development practices and techniques are gaining wide acceptance in the enterprise. Learn more about how VA Software is leading this charge to help optimize distributed development in the enterprise. Dec 7 2004

U.S. Navy weather forecasting center uses SourceForge Enterprise Edition to improve internal software development efficiency

Certification: Is It Right for An Open Source World?
Colin Bodell, senior VP of product development for SourceForge says certification for Open Source is unnecessary, because the programmers work is on display --it either works or it doesn't. Nov 8, 2004 - InformationWeek Magazine, p36

Open Source: In Search of Experts
As companies ramp up on Open Source deployments, expertise is in high demand and short supply. KeyCorp uses to see which programmers are working on projects that demonstrate skills valuable to the company. (Not mentioned in this article, SourceForge Enterprise Edition could also be leveraged to evaluate skills profiles for enterprise projects across thousands of users, similar to the way KeyCorp uses Today, 40,000 companies, government agencies and other organizations have two or more users registered with SourceForge. Nov 8, 2004 - InformationWeek Magazine, p36

SugarCRM to launch on-demand offering
Experts believe this latest customer relationship management product could force down the cost of CRM and make rival vendors such as raise their offers a free open-source version of its CRM application, SugarSales, on Nov 4, 2004

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