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VA Software Boosts Functionality of SourceForge Enterprise Edition

New Version Adds Access From Microsoft Windows® and Features Support for Subversion Open Source Change Management System

FREMONT, CA Feb 14, 2005 VA Software Corporation (NASDAQ: LNUX), a leading provider of software, information and community support for IT and development professionals, has announced a new version of SourceForge Enterprise Edition. Version 4.2 enhances organizations' ability to access, control and customize their collaborative development environment.

Version 4.2 includes SourceForge Explorer, a new .NET client application that allows SourceForge-held data to be accessed from a familiar Windows desktop environment. Data held within SourceForge Enterprise Edition had previously been accessible via a native Web-browser interface and integrations with leading IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) and software configuration management tools.

By launching the first collaborative development platform that offers users a choice of platform-independent Web browser and native Windows access, VA Software is enabling enterprises to speed adoption, reduce training costs and user error and offer greater ease-of-use to developers, managers and other stakeholders. Customers will also benefit from the highly customizable and flexible nature of SourceForge Explorer, which leverages "drag and drop" artifact management, and enables users to tailor the interface to suit the organization's, or individual's, specific needs.

In addition, SourceForge Enterprise Edition now includes integration with Subversion, the Open Source change management system, bi-directional synchronization with Microsoft Project, and LDAP support for improved access control and single sign-on for SourceForge users.

SourceForge Explorer also demonstrates the power of SourceForge Enterprise Edition's SOAP XML Web Service API, which it uses to communicate with the SourceForge server. This, coupled with the community support provided by Tapestry, enables users and partners to significantly extend and integrate SourceForge Enterprise Edition into a single composite collaborative application that supports their needs throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

"People work most productively when they are comfortable with the tools they are using. It's therefore our goal to ensure users can choose a familiar environment within which to interact with SourceForge Enterprise Edition data, even if that environment differs from individual to individual across the development organization. As a result, enterprises can boost their developers' productivity, reduce training costs and accelerate adoption," said Erin Curtis, product marketing director at VA Software. "This is further evidence of our commitment to supporting heterogeneous environments that cater to the needs of large, distributed development teams using a wide variety of tools and techniques."

SourceForge Enterprise Edition 4.2 is expected to be available by April 2005. SourceForge Explorer is also available to SourceForge users via the SourceForge Enterprise Edition community portal, "Tapestry."

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