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World's Largest Development Site, SourceForge.net®, Achieves One Million Registered Users

Open Source market trends continue to drive SourceForge.net's leadership position in Open Source community

February 9, 2005, Fremont, CA SourceForge.net, the world's largest Open Source collaborative development site, and part of the OSTG (a subsidiary of VA Software, NASDAQ: LNUX) technology network, has announced that it has reached its one millionth registered user and is now hosting more than 94,000 projects. More development professionals collaborate on more Open Source projects at SourceForge.net than anywhere else in the world.

"We are extremely excited to announce our one millionth registered user. In the past three years alone, traffic to SourceForge.net has grown more than 500%. This kind of growth and response in the community solidifies the fact that SourceForge.net helps fuel the Open Source movement," said Patrick McGovern, SourceForge.net Director. "Our community continues to grow at an amazing pace, mirroring the growth and traction of the Open Source movement as it becomes more integrated into enterprise environments. SourceForge.net provides the foundation for creative, provocative and continually- improving software development, and we're immensely proud of this milestone."

SourceForge.net provides a range of tools, collaborative development resources, and downloadable Open Source software to millions of developers, systems administrators and end-users worldwide. Using the site's robust online services, virtual teams of developers can create and collaborate on software application development and distribution in real-time. End-users can download projects free of charge. SourceForge.net currently adds 70 new Open Source projects and 1.2 million downloads of Open Source files from its global download server network daily.

Launched in November 1999, SourceForge.net has become the de facto Open Source site hosting ground-breaking, unique and highly-functional projects. Well-known projects such as Sugar CRM, Compiere® ERP + CRM, Fink, Jboss®, and Gaim embraced by IT professionals and used widely in enterprise environments all had their start on SourceForge.net. Major corporations such as Microsoft, IBM, and HP currently have projects hosted on SourceForge.net.

SourceForge.net will be part of the featured lineup at the Technology Showcase Day at LinuxWorld Boston, February 16. For information about the Technology Showcase Day, visit www.ostg.com.

Visit SourceForge.net at www.sourceforge.net.

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OSTG (Open Source Technology Group), formerly known as OSDN, is the cornerstone of the Open Source movement and the leading online network for IT managers and development professionals. OSTG's technology-focused sites include Slashdot.org, SourceForge.net, ITManagersJournal.com, NewsForge.com, Linux.com and freshmeat.net. OSTG also owns ThinkGeek.com, the leading retailer for innovative technology products, and AnimationFactory.com, a leading online-image content provider. The network serves more than 270 million page views and nearly 18 million unique visitors a month. For more information, visit www.ostg.com.

VA Software (Nasdaq: LNUX), is at the center of today's technology revolution and incites innovation by empowering the IT and developer communities with information, community support and software. VA Software is the parent company of OSTG and the creator of SourceForge. SourceForge.net is the global nexus for the Open Source community with 94,000+ Open Source projects and more than one million registered users. SourceForge Enterprise Edition optimizes distributed development for Fortune 500 companies. For company information, visit www.vasoftware.com.

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