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Slashdot, the Web's Largest Technology Lifestyle and News Site, Launches Political News and Commentary Section

Award-winning community-based site offers alternative source of political coverage for audience of 4 million

October 5, 2004, Fremont, CA Slashdot®, part of the OSTG (a subsidiary of VA Software Corp. NASDAQ:LNUX) network and the leading technology-focused news and discussion site, has announced the recent launch of, a new section dedicated to providing alternative political news to its technically-inclined audience. Taglined "Politics for Nerds. Your Vote Matters," the new section gives Slashdot's passionate and information-hungry audience access to political news and articles that may go underreported or ignored in other media, and provides a forum for vigorous debate and commentary. Slashdot, known as the "digital water cooler," is a non-partisan, independent site dedicated to covering technology, science, and cultural news.

Slashdot has always covered topical and sensitive technology-focused issues including privacy concerns, spam laws, the economy, and technological advances in government and the military. With the addition of, the site now features coverage of political news as it happens. Recent coverage on the site includes separate in-depth interviews with Libertarian Party candidate Michael Badnarik, and Green Party candidate David Cobb. Additional coverage of little-known or underreported stories, such as the blocking of overseas ISPs from a federally-funded voter assistance site, enables the audience to get news to which they might otherwise not have access.

"We have a vocal, politically-active audience looking for alternative views of this election, without media spin ," said Rob Malda, creator and director of Slashdot. "Slashdot itself historically was only able to cover politics when it directly intersected with our traditional 'News for Nerds' subject matter. The creation of lets us take our hyper-active discussion forums and apply them specifically to the election."

"Adding political news to Slashdot gives the audience more of what theyre already getting: coverage of topical and timely issues that directly impacts their lives," said Patrick Ferrell, General Manager of OSTG. "Our readers are extremely interested in this type of information, and have shown their interest by generating over one million page views in the first month alone."

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