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Market Trends and Audience Growth Drive OSDN to Change Name to OSTG (Open Source Technology Group)

Thriving Audience of 16 Million IT Managers and Developers Fuel the Adoption of Open Source in the Enterprise

July 28, 2004 Fremont, VA OSDN (Open Source Development Network, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VA Software Corp., NASDAQ: LNUX), the leading online network of news and information sites for IT managers and development professionals, today announced that it has changed its name to OSTG (Open Source Technology Group) and relaunched several of its IT-focused sites.

The new name and tagline, "Where Technology is Going," reflects the companys long-term strategy to meet the evolving information needs of its growing audience, and address market trends driving the rapid adoption of Open Source technologies for business and the desktop. These network-wide enhancements support OSTGOs thought-leadership position with the Open Source and IT-focused communities by providing the full breadth of content, resources, community forums and rich collaborative environments critical to the continual evolution and innovation of Open Source technologies.

Recent OSTG research shows 80% of the networks visitors use Open Source software in their organizations.* Forrester Research reveals that 60% of large enterprises are adopting Linux, and 52% of those are using it to run mission-critical applications. All of this data supports the network-wide traffic growth OSTG has seen in the past year: as more businesses move towards Open Source solutions, IT managers who are making migration and purchasing decisions are turning to OSTG for information, news and peer-to-peer interaction and collaboration. Today, the OSTG technology network reaches more than 16 million unique monthly visitors with over 225 million pages views across 7 award-winning sites.

Editorial-driven changes to the network include a new IT-focused section,, on the immensely popular news and community site Slashdot. OSTG has also retooled its IT-focused sites,, and to include in-depth business-oriented articles and news coverage, improved site navigation, and has beefed up its editorial roster for those sites with the addition of several industry-known contributors. OSTG is also building an advisory panel of technology industry luminaries, including Paul Friedman, co-founder and former VP of Development of Stanford Technology Group and co-founder and CTO of Purisma, Inc. The advisory panel s mission will be to identify shifts in the technology landscape as Open Source makes gains in the enterprise.

OSTG's other top-ranked technical sites, and, will continue to emphasize collaborative development platforms, community-engagement, and innovative technology solutions for developers, system administrators, end-users and other IT professionals. Collectively, both sites receive 10 million unique visitors a month.**

"Open Source technologies are a viable solution for business decision makers," said Patrick Ferrell, SVP and General Manager of OSTG. "We've always focused on bringing the latest technologies and ideas to forward-thinking managers and developers, so sharpening our network positioning to hone in on how these technologies are implemented and what that means to business is a natural evolution for us and our audience."

Ali Jenab, CEO of VA Software, OSTG's parent company, agrees. "This is a critical step for us, and the market timing couldn t be better. We know from our discussions with Fortune 100 managers that buyers and influencers are hungry for trusted, reliable information about Open Source and other technologies and they see OSTG as their platform and primary resource."

Along with the name change, the company has adopted a new corporate identity, including a new logo and tagline, and a new corporate Web site that can be found at The changes are effective immediately, and all future corporate business activities will be undertaken with the new name.

About OSTG, Inc.

OSTG (Open Source Technology Group) is the leading network of technology sites for today's IT managers and development professionals, and the cornerstone of the Open Source movement. OSTG sites provide a unique combination of news, original articles, downloadable resources and community forums to help IT drivers, buyers, influencers, and users make critical decisions about information technology products and services. OSTG technology-focused sites include,,,,,, and OSTG also owns, the leading online retailer for innovative technology products, and the MediaBuilder network, featuring, a leading online image-content provider. OSTG serves more than 225 million pages views and 16 million unique visitors a month.** For more information about OSTG, go to

About VA Software Corporation

VA Software Corporation, (NASDAQ: LNUX) is the parent company of OSTG and provider of SourceForge Enterprise Edition, the award-winning collaborative application development and project management platform. SourceForge Enterprise Edition is an integrated Webbased application that enables IT and software engineering organizations to reduce risk and costs by managing application development more effectively throughout the enterprise. Today, SourceForge technology is at work in major Fortune 1000 companies in financial services, defense and aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, communications and government, and is in use by over 850,000 developers worldwide. For more information about VA Software Corporation, go to

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*OSTG Site Visitor Survey, January 2004. **Publisher's own data based on internal traffic audits.

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