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Global Grid Forum Gets 'Global Workspace' Through VA Software's SourceForge Platform

Collaborative Development Platform to Span 500 Organizations in 30 Countries to Help 4000+ Distributed Grid Technology Researchers, Technologists, and Users Work Together More Effectively and Efficiently

FREMONT, California - November 3, 2003 - VA Software Corporation (Nasdaq: LNUX), provider of SourceForge Enterprise Edition, the award-winning collaborative software development and management platform for globally-sourced development, and parent company of OSDN, the leading network of media and commerce sites that serve IT organizations, today announced that the Global Grid Forum (GGF) will use SourceForge Enterprise Edition as a collaborative working home for its community of thousands of Grid software developers, technologists, and end users. SourceForge Enterprise Edition will provide GGF with a central platform to organize and manage over 50 research and working groups, involving participation from more than 30 countries and 500 organizations worldwide.

The GGF ( is a community-initiated forum that promotes and supports the development, deployment, and implementation of distributed computing, or "Grid" technologies, through the creation and documentation of "best practices"and standard technical specifications. As GGF's community, presently 4000-5000 strong, is spread across the globe, SourceForge Enterprise Edition provides a location-transparent workspace for project-focused communication and collaboration among widely dispersed teams. SourceForge enables GGF to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information exchange and interaction between organizations as they work toward standards development.

"SourceForge has always had an excellent reputation in the open source community for enabling the efforts of distributed specialists," said Charlie Catlett, GGF Chair. "We selected SourceForge Enterprise Edition because it provides the best Web-based platform for our researchers and practioners to manage, track, and share their work. After four years of exponential growth in participation in the GGF community, we felt it was critical to provide a collaboration "home" to support these globally distributed teams, and we needed a scalable system that would allow groups to manage their own project spaces."

"Software and standards development is now a globally-distributed effort, and SourceForge provides the perfect platform for meeting the needs of these multi-site teams," said Ali Jenab, president and CEO, VA Software Corporation. "VA Software is excited to work with the GGF in its efforts to promote Grid technology standards, extending the integral role of SourceForge in supporting the open source, development and IT communities of the future."

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About VA Software

VA Software (Nasdaq: LNUX) is the provider of SourceForge Enterprise Edition, the webbased application that significantly increases a company’s return on its investment in software development. SourceForge improves communication and collaboration among multisite team members and gives managers realtime visibility and control over their projects, regardless of location. SourceForge enables higher developer productivity and faster project completion, whether teams are in-house, outsourced, onshore or offshore. More than 750,000 developers use SourceForge technology to power their global development efforts.

VA Software also owns OSDN, the most dynamic communitydriven IT media network on the web. Every level of IT decision maker and buyer, from CIOs and CTOs to project managers and developers, turn to OSDN sites to create, debate, and make or break IT news, tools, technologies and techniques. OSDN is the home of the awardwinning news discussion site, the world's largest collaborative software development site,, and other popular sites.

About GGF

Global Grid Forum (GGF; is a globally distributed community of researchers, technologists, and end-users of Grid technologies, working together to develop best practices and technical standards to create a foundation for Grid computing applications, products and services. Established in 1999, the GGF community is comprised of thousands of participants from 30 countries and over 500 organizations. GGF is supported by over 50 sponsor member companies and over 25 sponsoring research laboratories, programs, and universities.

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