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VA Software Announces SourceForge Enterprise Edition 3.4

Latest Version of Collaborative Software Platform Offers Broader Integration with IBM® and Microsoft® Tools, Better Management Visibility into Project Activities

Fremont, California October, 20, 2003 VA Software Corporation (Nasdaq: LNUX) today announced the release of a new version of the awardwinning SourceForge collaborative software development platform. SourceForge Enterprise Edition 3.4 features broader integration with enterprise environments and tools, more powerful access controls to protect intellectual property, and improved management visibility into the status of critical project tasks.

SourceForge 3.4 offers new timesaving features for both project managers and developers. Using the SourceForge Project Management Console, project managers can now sort and display the status of all project tasks by user across all projects hosted by SourceForge. This lets them quickly assess the workload on any one team member, identify critical path bottlenecks, and take corrective action. Alternatively, developers can now see all their tasks across multiple projects, focusing them on the critical path items at any given time.

Project managers who use Microsoft Project will see their schedule freed from tedious project status meetings, email exchanges and manual updates, since SourceForge now lets them export realtime project data directly into MS Project. Developers can devote more of their time to their core tasks, since they are also freed from status meetings.

SourceForge 3.4 also includes improved functionality for effective document handling, which is critical to project success. Beyond providing a centralized, searchable repository for all project documents, SourceForge 3.4 lets users manage and be automatically notified of document changes, status, and required actions without the need for an expensive, dedicated document management system. This saves both time and money, while helping ensure that critical issues related to project documentation do not fall through the cracks. SourceForge 3.4 also provides a complete audit trail for document changes, contributors, and approvals, which helps organizations with process appraisals and regulatory compliance.

SourceForge 3.4 supports the latest versions of leading development and project management tools, such as Rational® ClearCase® 5.0, IBM WebSphere® Studio Application Developer™ version 5.x, Microsoft Project 2002, and others. In addition, SourceForge 3.4 now supports environments in which code is being developed using multiple versions of the same software configuration management (SCM) system (e.g., ClearCase 4.2 and ClearCase 5.0), a common situation in distributed development environments. This brings the benefits of SourceForge’s development platform to companies without the need to update and consolidate versions of their software configuration management tools first.

“In today’s business environment, software development teams are more geographicallydispersed than ever before, following different processes and using a wide range of tools. SourceForge Enterprise Edition provides distributed teams with a common development platform, increasing team productivity and reducing costs,” said Colin Bodell, senior vice president of product development, VA Software. “Our 3.4 release makes the platform even more developer-friendly, while giving their managers significantly better visibility and control over critical development projects.”

About VA Software

VA Software (Nasdaq: LNUX) is the provider of SourceForge Enterprise Edition, the web-based application that significantly increases a company’s return on its investment in software development. SourceForge improves communication and collaboration among team members and gives managers realtime visibility and control over their projects, regardless of location. SourceForge enables higher developer productivity and faster project completion, whether teams are inhouse, outsourced, onshore or offshore. More than 750,000 developers worldwide use SourceForge technology to power their distributed development efforts.

VA Software also owns Open Source Development Network, Inc. (OSDN), the most dynamic communitydriven IT media network on the web. Every level of IT decision maker and buyer, from CIOs and CTOs to project managers and developers, turn to OSDN sites to create, debate, and make or break IT news, tools, technologies and techniques. OSDN is the home of the awardwinning news discussion site,; the world's largest collaborative software development site,; and other popular sites.


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