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VA Software Announces SourceForge Enterprise Edition 3.3

FREMONT, Calif. May 6, 2003 VA Software Corporation (Nasdaq: LNUX) today announced SourceForge™ Enterprise Edition 3.3 the latest release of its flagship Development Intelligence application.

SourceForge integrates development, collaboration and management tools, and enables organizations to create a central repository for all software development information and activity.

SourceForge 3.3 introduces integration with PVCS Version Manager from Merant; SourceForge also integrates with other leading software configuration management tools such as Rational® ClearCase® and CVS. By giving users the flexibility to select their SCM tools of choice, SourceForge Enterprise Edition unifies development activity without disrupting work. SourceForge makes it easy for project administrators to create and manage multiple SCM repositories through its intuitive web interface.

Also new in SourceForge 3.3 are “gated communities” the ability for administrators to create and manage groups of users with access restricted to certain areas. Gated communities provide an outofthebox solution for organizations working with outsourced development contractors, partner organizations or customers whose access should be limited to specified groups of projects and development information.

Enhancements in SourceForge Enterprise Edition 3.3

SourceForge 3.3 includes multiple enhancements of existing functionality, including:

  • Broader Integration with Enterprise Environments and Tools. SourceForge 3.3 introduces webDAV integration, which allows users to publish and maintain project web sites directly through SourceForge; LDAP integration, which makes it easier for IT departments to manage SourceForge user accounts; and native integration support for Merant® PVCS Version Manager, which provides organizations with additional flexibility in choosing an SCM tool that works with SourceForge.
  • More Powerful Administration Tools. Support for gated communities in SourceForge 3.3 gives organizations the ability to manage user access to specified groups of projects. Gated communities provide a way for organizations to collaborate with contractors, partners or customers without sacrificing security useful for managing today’s highly distributed development teams.
  • Improved Issue Tracking. SourceForge 3.3 provides a clearer, more comprehensive understanding of critical development data by allowing users to view and track relationships and dependencies across issues. For example, project requirements, bug reports and enhancement requests may be easily linked with other information managed by SourceForge tools, such as documents and task assignments. New tracker power search functionality makes it even easier to find key information and resolve issues quickly.

“SourceForge Enterprise Edition makes development teams more efficient and helps them build quality software on time and on budget. SourceForge 3.3 makes it even easier for development managers to track and manage project teamsand vastly improves the individual developer experience and productivity as well,” said Colin Bodell, senior vice president of product development, VA Software. “We look forward to continuing to work with our customers to make SourceForge the central repositoryand unified control centerfor all their development activity.”

Bodell added: “The reality of today’s software development teams is that they tend to be geographically dispersed, follow different processes, and use different tools that typically are not integrated. This leads to significant inefficiencies, cost overruns and delayed projects. SourceForge integrates with an organization’s existing tools, while providing a comprehensive set of tools and resources to fill in any capability gaps.”

SourceForge Enterprise Edition 3.3 will ship later this month. Further information is available at

About VA Software

VA Software (Nasdaq: LNUX), provider of SourceForge Enterprise Edition, is the leader in Development Intelligence. SourceForge is an integrated webbased application that combines software development tools with the ability to track, measure and report on software project activity in real time. IT and software engineering organizations use SourceForge to manage application development more effectively, improve operational efficiency and build better quality software. Development Intelligence with SourceForge provides the information and infrastructure required to make software development a key driver of competitive advantage. VA Software customers currently using SourceForge include major organizations in financial services, defense and aerospace, manufacturing, communications and government. Information on how SourceForge aligns IT and business is available at

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