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VA Software Unveils SourceForge Project Management Console

SourceForge 3.2 Delivers Development Intelligence

FREMONT, Calif. October 29, 2002 VA Software Corporation (Nasdaq: LNUX) today unveiled SourceForge[tm] Enterprise Edition 3.2 the latest release of its flagship Development Intelligence application, featuring the new SourceForge Project Management Console. The Project Management Console provides realtime visibility into the entire application development lifecycle through an intuitive dashboard, enabling new levels of effectiveness in software development management.

By automating status updates and delivering project metrics through a realtime interface, the SourceForge Project Management Console helps managers proactively identify, track and resolve potential problems before they impact schedules and budgets. The Project Management Console is an integral component of SourceForge Enterprise Edition 3.2.

“The release of SourceForge Enterprise Edition 3.2 and the Project Management Console marks a fundamental shift in the way organizations can view and manage the application development lifecycle,” said David Appelbaum, senior vice president of marketing, VA Software. “By centralizing information on development projects and providing realtime metrics and tools for analysis, SourceForge 3.2 delivers Development Intelligence the holistic view of code, content, communications and processes that helps organizations align software development with business goals.”

SourceForge Enterprise Edition is used by IT and software engineering organizations in a variety of industries including financial services, defense and aerospace, manufacturing, communications and government to drive quality and efficiency in software development. Current VA Software customers include companies and institutions such as Sandia National Laboratories, General Atomics, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer and LEGATO Systems.

“At LEGATO, we take quality very seriously. The SourceForge Project Management Console will be an important tool in our ongoing initiatives to standardize software development processes in compliance with ISO," said John Woods, vice president of development, LEGATO Systems. “By making it easy to assess the progress and quality of products under development, SourceForge will provide significant benefits to our engineering managers.”

SourceForge Project Management Console Features

  • Integration with development tools and realtime updates. The SourceForge Project Management Console is tightly integrated with SourceForge tools for application development and knowledge management, and ties in to popular thirdparty tools such as Microsoft® Project. Project plans are dynamically updated as tasks are completed, eliminating the administrative burden of manually collecting information and building reports.
  • Instant access to project status, metrics and analytics. SourceForge automatically alerts managers when critical issues arise and when key milestones have been completed. Through the Project Management Console, managers also have instant access to live project status. Highlevel views provide managers with summary information at a glance using visually intuitive charts, graphs and trafficlighting to identify target areas that need attention. Tasklevel views allow managers to drill down to the details via interactive Gantt charts, audit logs and graphical views of task histories and task dependencies. Because the SourceForge Project Management Console delivers critical information in real time, managers can resolve potential bottlenecks more effectively; allocate resources more efficiently; and manage changing requirements and expectations on an ongoing basis.
  • Support for software process improvement. SourceForge provides IT and engineering organizations with the infrastructure they need to improve software development processes and workflow. SourceForge supports leading software process standards such as the Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model® (SWCMM) and ISO 9001. Managers have the flexibility to configure SourceForge to support an organization’s existing processes by setting rules for task assignments, notification, escalation and completion. Further, SourceForge integrates with popular thirdparty development tools such as Rational® ClearCase®, making the most of customers’ existing infrastructure. With SourceForge 3.2, development teams have a comprehensive solution that enables them to work more productively; keep projects on schedule; and deliver quality software consistent with specified requirements and standards.

SourceForge Enterprise Edition 3.2 is scheduled for general availability in November 2002. A preview of the SourceForge 3.2 product, featuring the Project Management Console, is available today at

About SourceForge Enterprise Edition

SourceForge Enterprise Edition is the Development Intelligence application from VA Software. SourceForge provides a unified development environment for managing code, content and process. This solution integrates tools spanning four key functional areas: application lifecycle management, knowledge management, project management and analytics. The SourceForge Project Management Console, now an integral part of SourceForge Enterprise Edition, provides managers with instant access to realtime information on software project status. Development Intelligence with SourceForge enables organizations to align software development with business goals from software process improvement to cost containment and risk management.

About VA Software

VA Software (Nasdaq: LNUX), provider of SourceForge Enterprise Edition, is the leader in Development Intelligence. SourceForge is an integrated webbased application that combines software development tools with the ability to track, measure and report on software project activity in realtime. IT and software engineering organizations use SourceForge to manage application development more effectively, improve operational efficiency and build better quality software. Development Intelligence with SourceForge provides the information and infrastructure required to make software development a key driver of competitive advantage. VA Software customers currently using SourceForge include major organizations in financial services, defense and aerospace, manufacturing, communications and government. Information on how SourceForge aligns IT and business is available at

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