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OSDN and IBM Port to DB2

World’s Largest Open Source Development Web Site To Run on IBM’s DB2 Database

ACTON, Mass. August 13, 2002 OSDN today announced that, the world’s largest Open Source development web site, will run exclusively on IBM’s DB2 database software for Linux including’s 460,000 registered users and the 45,000 Open Source software development projects hosted on the site.

The DB2 implementation will help manage the explosive growth experienced by since its inception the site registers approximately 600 new users and 70 new projects per day, and tracks approximately 3.2 million page views per day.

“OSDN is thrilled to partner with IBM,” said Richard French, senior vice president and general manager of OSDN. “DB2 is a leading force in the database market and is a perfect fit with, which has been established as the industry standard in collaborative software development. serves a very loyal community of IT professionals and developers, and we are confident that DB2 will provide the best technology to keep the site running smoothly and efficiently.”

Available to users beginning today, the mailing list archives is the first portion of the site to run on DB2. This feature catalogs every email received by the site’s 11,000 mailing lists, allowing site users to search through email archives as needed. will be fully converted to DB2 by midJanuary.

IBM’s WebSphere Application Server (WAS) will be made available on the compile farm in late October.

“IBM is excited that DB2 and WebSphere solutions have been chosen to help OSDN elevate the quality of service received by users,” said Karen Smith, vice president, Linux Strategy and Market Development, IBM. “We are pleased to be able to demonstrate the power, scalability and reliability of DB2 for Linux, by managing the data for the world's most widely used Open Source development site”

In a separate announcement today, VA Software announced a significant commercial agreement with IBM focused on the joint marketing and sales of the next generation of SourceForge™ Enterprise Edition. can be found at

About IBM DB2 Universal Database

DB2 is the industry's first multimedia, webready relational database management system, strong enough to meet the demands of large corporations and flexible enough to serve mediumsized and small e businesses. There are more than 60 million DB2 users from 400,000 companies worldwide relying on IBM data management technology. For more information please visit

About OSDN

OSDN, the Open Source Development Network, Inc., a subsidiary of VA Software Corp. (Nasdaq: LNUX), is the leading news, collaboration and distribution community for IT and Open Source development, implementation and innovation. OSDN delivers more than 130 million page views and reaches 6.6 million unique visitors per month. The OSDN audience is comprised of IT professionals, including Clevel and senior management, middle management and a variety of technical staff including developers and systems and network administrators. OSDN sites offer IT news, development tools, distribution and discussion channels, cuttingedge editorial, and ongoing education and evangelism among the IT and Open Source community.

According to Summer 2002 @plan data, OSDN is the No. 1 network for delivering people who look for technology news online and the No. 2 network for delivering people who look for general/political news online, based on composition. OSDN is the home of several popular Web sites, including the award winning news discussion site,, and the world’s largest collaborative software development site,

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