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Two Major Open Source Projects -- KDE and CMU Sphinx -- to Headquarter Development on VA Linux Systems' SourceForge

SUNNYVALE, Calif. February 8, 2000 VA Linux Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: LNUX) today announced that KDE, a leading graphical desktop environment for Linux and UNIX workstations, and CMU Sphinx, an advanced speech recognition system for Linux and other platforms, have decided to center their Open Source development activity on SourceForge[tm].

SourceForge, the world's largest Open Source development center, is designed to help Open Source projects such as KDE and CMU Sphinx accelerate development and create better software by consolidating development efforts, information and user feedback. Since its debut on January 4, 2000, SourceForge has grown rapidly at a rate of over 30 percent per week, with over 1,750 Open Source projects and more than 10,500 registered users.

KDE and CMU Sphinx projects will now have access to SourceForge tools and resources, as well as its extensive community of developers, users and testers. SourceForge provides Open Source projects with resources for development, communication and distribution, including Web-based programming, project management and bug-tracking tools; mailing lists and discussion groups; and Web, FTP and archival server space.

KDE Development to Move to SourceForge

KDE is one of the most popular graphical desktop environments for Linux and UNIX workstations, highly acclaimed for its ease of use and functionality. KDE's move to SourceForge allows the project's 300-plus developers to draw on SourceForge's continually growing developer base for its forthcoming KDE 2.0 release.

"As the KDE Project has grown to be one of the largest Open Source projects in the world, we have found ourselves constantly overloading our server resources," said KDE Developer/Evangelist Kurt Granroth. "SourceForge's rich feature set and powerful servers, along with VA Linux Systems' long-running commitment to Open Source projects, made SourceForge the natural choice for future KDE development. By bringing developers together, providing them with the tools to create, communicate and code, and removing system administrative headaches from the process, SourceForge has clearly become the new home for Open Source development on the Internet."

CMU Sphinx Speech Recognition System Code Released on SourceForge

In another exciting move, the CMU Sphinx project for speech recognition software recently released its source code on SourceForge. The CMU Sphinx project--developed at Carnegie Mellon University over approximately 15 years with the support of grants from DARPA (Department of Advanced Research Project Agency) and The National Science Foundation (NSF)--has made Sphinx2 available on SourceForge under an Open Source license. Sphinx2 is a complete speech recognition library and a set of demo applications that show how it can be used.

The speech recognition technology developed by the CMU Sphinx project could be applied to create "smart" appliances, allowing users to simply talk to devices to accomplish tasks.

"SourceForge lets us focus on advancing the state of speech recognition technology for Linux and other platforms, and relieves us from the burden of generating project administration tools ourselves," said CMU Sphinx developer Kevin Lenzo. "VA Linux is sending a great message by contributing back to the community this way."

"The addition of projects such as KDE and CMU Sphinx, along with the hundreds of other Open Source projects they join on the site, is indicative of the widespread excitement for SourceForge," said John T. Hall, vice president of services for VA Linux Systems. "SourceForge's mission is to provide the best available resources for developers to create, test and distribute state-of-the-art Open Source software."

Other Major Open Source Projects on SourceForge

Other recent additions to SourceForge's project roster include components of Squid, a high-performance proxy caching server for Web clients; Icewm, a window manager designed for speed and useability; Sketch, a powerful vector drawing program; and AMANDA, a popular backup system. These projects join a wide range of tools and applications available on SourceForge, including several components of the Linux kernel (such as the NFS Project); major Internet client and server applications for chat, e-commerce, FTP, IRC, mail, news and the Web (such as Licq); as well as several business, scientific and educational applications (such as the Open Source Printing Project).

VA Linux Systems released the source code to SourceForge itself under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which gives developers the freedom to examine, modify and re-use the software "source code."

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