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VA Software is a leading provider of software, information and community support to IT (information technology) managers and development professionals. We're at the center of today's Open Source technology revolution, inciting innovation across the worldwide Open Source community and the enterprise. VA Software is the creator of SourceForge® and the parent company of OSTG (the Open Source Technology Group), the world's leading community-driven media network.

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VA Software launched in 1999 and it quickly became the global nexus for the Open Source community. Today, is the world's largest Open Source software development web site, hosting more than 90,000 projects and over 950,000 registered users.

For commercial development, VA Software develops and markets SourceForge Enterprise Edition, an enterprise-grade solution for managing and optimizing distributed development. SourceForge Enterprise Edition provides a secure, centralized platform that connects heterogeneous tools and processes together with an integrated suite of project, change management and collaboration tools. Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies use SourceForge Enterprise Edition as a Global Development Platform to integrate disparate tools and processes, expand visibility and control, and improve development efficiency and collaboration.

OSTG is the leading network of technology sites for today's IT managers and development professionals. OSTG sites provide a unique combination of news, original articles, downloadable resources, and community forums to incite Open Source-based innovation, and to help IT buyers, influencers and users make critical decisions about IT products and services.

Key sites operated by OSTG include,,,, and OSTG also runs, an online retailer of technology products, and the MediaBuilder network, featuring OSTG receives more than 230 million page views and over 16 million unique visitors every single month.

Founded in 1993, VA Software is publicly held (Nasdaq: LNUX) and headquartered in Fremont, California.

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